Jim Lamon to Skip Today’s “Corrupt” #AZSen Debate, Claims it is “Orchestrated by Blake Masters and His Allies”

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Saturday, June 18, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org
Jim Lamon to Skip Today’s “Corrupt” #AZSen Debate, Claims it is “Orchestrated by Blake Masters and His Allies” 
According to Lamon, Masters and His Super PAC Spent $60,000 to Buy an Unfair Debate

PHOENIX — Ahead of today’s GOP Senate primary debate in Tucson, Jim Lamon took to a popular blog among Arizona Republican insiders to pre-emptively justify why he will not be attending.

According to Lamon, Blake Masters and his super PAC have collectively paid the organizers $60,000, ruining the possibility of an “impartial affair.” As a result, Lamon has chosen to sit out the event entirely.


Now apparently a man of principle, Jim Lamon has previously come under fire in this primary for using his personal fortune to buy endorsements, speaking slots, and supporters.


Had Lamon chosen to attend today’s debate, the event would have been the first time Lamon and Masters had come face to face since Trump endorsed Masters and triggered an aggressive attack ad war that intensifies by the day.


With Lamon out, one question remains: Will Mark Brnovich break his streak of hiding from voters and make a rare appearance on the campaign trail? 



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