IN HIDING: Masters, Lamon, and Brno Duck #AZSen Debate

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Thursday, March 10, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
IN HIDING: Masters, Lamon, and Brno Duck #AZSen Debate 
Clearly, the Trio Doesn’t Want to Talk About Their Plan to Hike Taxes and Spike Health Costs 

PHOENIX — With hours to go until the first GOP Senate primary debate, it looks as though Jim Lamon, Mark Brnovich, and Blake Masters are all going to duck the event and continue hiding from Arizona voters. 

So far, the crowded field “with no clear frontrunner” has yet to share an official debate stage. Instead, Masters, Brnovich, and Lamon have avoided talking about their unpopular GOP agenda to hike taxes on one in three Arizonans and rip away coverage for pre-existing conditions.

These candidates have a clear history of ignoring Arizona voters. Just last week, Brnovich ditched local Republicans to schmooze GOP bigwigs in Florida. Masters is avoiding publicly answering local Republican activists’ questions. Meanwhile, we can only assume Lamon will enjoy the night relaxing in his Utah home

“These ‘lesser-known Republicans’ claim to want to face off and speak directly to Arizona voters, but when given the chance, they’re hiding, refusing to explain their unpopular agenda to Arizona voters. Brnovich, Lamon, and Masters are running to hike taxes, end Social Security and Medicare, and slash coverage for pre-existing conditions — all of which would be devastating for Arizonans. The least they can do for Arizonans is show up,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss.


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