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What is a Democrat?

We know we only have your attention for a couple of seconds so here it goes:

Health Care – If you are sick you should have access to a doctor, plain and simple. Medicare and Social Security need to be protected. You should not have to choose between groceries and prescriptions, we must lower the cost of prescription drugs. 

Education – Teachers are awesome, we should pay them so they can survive. Kids are our future, we should make sure they have all the resources they need at school. College should be more affordable and graduates should not be burdened by crushing debt. We should expand access to early childhood education.

Economy – You should not have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Your job should not make you sick, should not make you choose between a roof over your head and money, we can live in an economy that puts people first. 

Gun Violence – It is common sense to have a background check before you purchase a firearm. Also, 80%+ Americans support this. 

Climate Change – It’s actually a Crisis and needs to be addressed urgently. We should join the rest of the free world and take action. How do we know it is man-made? 97% of the scientists have told us it is. Denying this would be like having 97% of doctors telling you that you have terminal cancer and then you ignoring them.

Immigration – It is wrong to separate families at the southern border, we need smart immigration reform that emphasizes security for the United States and humanity for people crossing the border. No, we are not for open borders, that is made up.

We know that we have a plan that works for all Arizonans. At the end of the day, our policies focus on one thing: providing opportunities for Arizonans of all walks of life. For more information about our 2020 Platform, click here.

Fun Facts: Registering as a Democrat DOES NOT mean that you have to vote for Democrats, although we encourage you to do so if these issues gel with your world view. We get it, registering as an Independent gives you the feeling that you are keeping your options open, that you aren’t tied down. But being registered in a party doesn’t have to cramp your style, in fact, it can ensure that your vote carries more weight on issues that matter to you. Register to Vote before the deadline here

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