FORUM RECAP: Three May Be a Crowd — But It’s Not the Whole #AZSen Field

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Monday, April 25, 2022
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FORUM RECAP: Three May Be a Crowd — But It’s Not the Whole #AZSen Field 
ICYMI: Brnovich and Lamon Skipped Out on Arizona Voters…Again
PHOENIX — Last Friday, the circus came to Scottsdale as Blake Masters, Mick McGuire, and Justin Olson came together for a GOP Senate primary forum to highlight just how out of touch and unqualified they are to represent Arizonans.

Notably, yet unsurprisingly, Mark Brnovich and Jim Lamon skipped the event entirely. Tomorrow, all five candidates are expected to join another forum, but given their track record of dodging debates, we’re not holding our breath.

Even without the full field in attendance, the forum was full of snide remarks, snarky subtweets, and, per usual, excessive flattery towards former President Donald Trump.

Couldn’t make it? Get kicked out because the field continues to hide from the press? See below for the biggest takeaways: 

  • Blake Masters — desperate to join his fellow Thielite J.D. Vance in snagging a Trump endorsement — backed the former president’s currently nonexistent 2024 presidential bid.
  • Mick McGuire blasted Brnovich and Lamon for bailing on the event, telling the crowd that the two “didn’t think it was worth the time to [show up] for you.”
  • Masters stole a page out of Lamon’s book and attacked Mark Brnovich for going on Fox News “all day,” adding that Brnovich “apparently doesn’t give a damn” about actually doing his job as Attorney General.
  • McGuire criticized Donald Trump’s judgment of who he surrounds himself with, saying he is “a horrible picker” who does not “understand what swamp creatures look like.”
  • Masters slammed Jim Lamon for running to “pull the rug out from seniors” by ripping away their Social Security benefits.
  • Oh, and Justin Olson was invited.


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