Congressional Corral: Chaos in the MAGA Herd

As Schweikert and Ciscomani face uphill re-election battles, Arizona Republicans do everything for Trump with little positive return 

May 31, 2024
ARIZONA- May brought mayhem for Arizona’s Republican Congressional heard: from Trump ditching the state for the third time, the RNC closing down a Tucson Hispanic Community Center, to the start of the fake elector trails in Arizona– which many were surprised didn’t include Rep. Andy Biggs. It’s Friday, so here’s a round-up (corral) of what our Arizona Republicans are up to: 

  • Rep. Eli Crane (AZ-02) voted against legislation that would lower the cost of air travel for Arizonans, because of his “opposition to US House Speaker Mike Johnson.” As Joe Biden and Arizona Democrats deliver on air travel safety, cost-saving measures for passengers, and funding for municipal airports in Arizona, Crane uses his congressional seat for petty MAGA infighting. 
  • Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-09): is continuing to sow distrust in our judicial system for Donald Trump, calling the Trump verdict a “sham.” This comes after Gosar spread conspiracy theories about the FBI and called for the defunding of the DOJ

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