Ciscomani Hosts Jim Jordan to Play Politics with the Border

Juan Ciscomani hosted a hearing with Jim Jordan, despite killing the bipartisan border bill 

May 10th, 2024
ARIZONA- Today, Juan Ciscomani hosted Jim Jordan’s hearing on the border in Arizona. Rather than centering Arizonans voices, Ciscomani continues to follow the lead of MAGA extremists Jim Jordan and Donald Trump. Ciscomani embracing and hosting extremists comes one day after The Copper Courier exposed that Ciscomani helped pick the AZ Supreme Court judges who reinstated the 1864 ban

Jim Jordan described Ciscomani as a “good friend,” today because Ciscomani “showed no backbone,” when he voted three times to elect Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House. Cisocmani supported Jordan’s extreme record of co-sponsoring The Life at Conception Act, which would ban all abortions without exceptions, IVF, IUD’s, emergency contraceptives, and certain cancer treatments, urging Republicans to “lean Into” anti-abortion policies, and spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. 

Ciscomani has taken $2,000 in campaign contributions from Jim Jordan, who like Ciscomani followed Trump’s lead and killed the bi-partisan border bill. Since Donald Trump killed the border bill to help his re-election, he’s promised to use the military to rip families apart

Ciscomani already has Arizonans perspective on the border, his constituents understand that “U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani’s party demanded this bill and then walked away from it because the Mad Mango so ordered,” and Ciscomani “consistently votes and sides with the extremists in the HouseThe House majority, which he is a member of, has accomplished nothing because they don’t stand for anything other than to create fear.” They’ve been asking, “Who does Ciscomani represent? Tucson? Or Mar-a-Lago?” and hoping “…he gets a backbone and starts to fight for his constituents.” 

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