Congressional Corral: Who Butchered the Border Deal?

For Immediate Release
Friday, February 9th, 2024
Contact: Victoria Opperman,

Congressional Corral: Who Butchered the Border Deal? 
Arizona Republicans!

PHOENIX, ARIZONA– Arizona Republicans have been the center point of the House’s biggest failure this week. It’s Friday, so here’s a roundup (corral) of what Arizona Republicans have been up to.

  • Andy Biggs (AZ-05): Rep. Biggs had a Freudian slip about his months-long quest to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. After House Republicans impeachment inquiry failed because they don’t know how to count, Rep. Biggs told CNN “I like a good game. They played a good game. I don’t like that we lost.”
  • David Schweikert (AZ-01): A resident in Rep. Schweikert’s district penned an op-ed about the Congressman’s record of voting to cut Social Security and Medicare in the Fountain Hill Times Independent: “His voting record suggests he’ll be all-too eager to slash Medicare, healthcare and Social Security without any regard to the people in our district. He’s not around here very often so perhaps he hasn’t noticed that thousands of his constituents, like me, are retired folks living on fixed incomes, and our hard-working neighbors that live and serve our communities will be devastated. “
  • Paul Gosar (AZ-09): This week Rep.Gosar wrote yet another unhinged Congressional newsletter with this weeks addition including a section titled “A Week of Exceptionally Bad News” where he defends 6 activists convicted of illegally blocking abortion clinic in Tennessee and goes on a anti-transgender rant about reproductive healthcare services for transgender people- stating we are “[…]witnessing the complete destruction of the traditional American family.“
  • Eli Crane (AZ-02): Rep. Crane did his best Trump impression during a press conference with Rep.Lauren Boebert and other House Republicans about defending Trump’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection. Rep.Crane went full MAGA denying the existence of the violence insurrection and attacking the media, “You don’t Have the balls to write the truth.”


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