WHAT TO KNOW: Kari Lake Supports Banning Abortion, Puts Winning Political Fights Ahead of Arizonans

Friday, April 12th, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Kari Lake will say or do anything to gain power and advance her own political agenda, and as she takes the stage on Sunday she will not be able to hide her record of supporting the 1864 abortion ban.

Kari Lake spent the week lying about her record supporting the 1864 territorial ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, but Lake “can’t run from Arizona’s draconian abortion ban” and Arizonans won’t “buy Kari Lake’s fake concern over an Arizona Supreme Court abortion ruling.” Republican consultant Barrett Marson said, “Kari Lake’s campaign? Done.”

Lake’s court battles continue to plague her campaign as her attempt to evade discovery in the defamation case against her was panned as a “bad strategy legally and a bad strategy politically” that shows she’s “not winning back the mainstream Republicans” as Arizonans “are just really tired” of her election denialism 

Republicans have been sounding the alarm on Kari Lake’s “limelight”-chasing campaign, saying they are “not sure what [Lake’s] path is forward,” that “Kari Lake looks increasingly like she isn’t a candidate that can win” as her “attempt at a campaign makeover appears to have fallen flat.”  

Here’s what you need to know about Kari Lake: 

Lake can’t cover up her extreme abortion record that includes support for the 1864 ban and Arizonans won’t “buy Kari Lake’s fake concern over an Arizona Supreme Court abortion ruling

Lake’s “limelight”-chasing campaign has Republicans sounding the alarm, saying they are “not sure what [Lake’s] path is forward:”

Lake’s campaign is a nightmare for Republicans as she continues to relitigate her failed 2022 gubernatorial election and the 2020 presidential election – even after national Republicans “urge[d] her to look forward:”

Lake fundraises with QAnon supporters, defends insurrectionists, and boosts far-right conspiracy theories:

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