Lake’s Bad Week: “Not Sure What [Lake’s] Path Is Forward,” “Looks Increasingly Like She Isn’t A Candidate That Can Win”

Friday, April 5th, 2024

ARIZONA -–  This week, Republicans continued sounding the alarm on Kari Lake’s “limelight”-chasing campaign, saying they are “not sure what [Lake’s] path is forward,” that “Kari Lake looks increasingly like she isn’t a candidate that can win” as her “attempt at a campaign makeover appears to have fallen flat.”  

Lake’s court battles continue to plague her campaign as her attempt to evade discovery in the defamation case against her was panned as a “bad strategy legally and a bad strategy politically.” 

Lake faced criticism for “not winning back the mainstream Republicans” as Arizonans “are just really tired” of her election denialism and questions about “how much attention she’s paying to her national profile” as she approaches “more than 50 out-of-state trips.” 

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  • Arizona Republic Opinion: Kari Lake’s Chances of Winning Arizona Seem Dimmer By the Day. “‘Not sure what her path is forward — martyrdom in pursuit of a misunderstanding of what is free speech,’ longtime Republican political consultant Chuck Coughlin told me. ‘I really don’t see a path or any money coming her way…’”
  • National Review: Kari Lake’s Out-of-State Travel Adds Up. “That description captures the private worries of some mainstream Republicans — that she is more preoccupied with winning plaudits from Trump-aligned grassroots activists than winning over independent voters.”
  • NBC: Despite attempts to be less ‘divisive,’ Kari Lake finds it hard to shed her MAGA instincts. “A number of Arizona Republicans believe that Lake faces an uphill climb in her Senate bid.”
  • New York Times: Kari Lake, a Trump Acolyte, Struggles to Find Her Path. “But after six months as a Senate candidate, she is struggling to walk away from the controversial positions that have turned off independents and alienated potential allies, lashing out in ways that Republicans now backing her campaign have warned will result in another defeat.”

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