ICYMI: Kari Lake “Has A Clear Record On” Abortion [HuffPost]

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Yesterday, HuffPost reported on Kari Lake’s “clear record on” abortion – which she has been called out for lying about. While Lake will say or do anything in her power hungry quest to boost her political career, even Republicans are saying Lake “can’t be trusted in anything she says or does.

Here’s Kari Lake’s “clear record” on abortion in her own words:

HuffPost: GOP Senate Candidates Are Racing To Rewrite Past Abortion Positions. Democrats Are Counting On Voters To See Through It.

By: Daniel Marans

April 2nd, 2024

Key Points:

  • HuffPost reached out to the leading GOP candidates for Senate in four major swing states — Brown, Kari Lake in Arizona, Mike Rogers in Michigan and Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania — for more details on their stances on abortion rights. All four were silent on the Supreme Court case heard last week aiming to ban mifepristone, a pill now used in over 60% of American abortions. All would be expected to back the same type of conservative judges who overturned Roe v. Wade in the first place
  • Lake, a longtime local newscaster who became one of Donald Trump’s most unapologetic loyalists, has a clear record on the topic. As a candidate in June 2022, Lake celebrated the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning a federal right to abortion. In a primary debate later that month, Lake affirmed that she believes that life begins at conception, and that abortion pills should be illegal. She also said she supported a complete abortion ban known as the “territorial law,” because Arizona enacted it in 1864, when it was still a territory. Arizona re-codified the ban, which only offers an exception for the life of the mother, in 1912 after it had become a state.
  • Asked at the debate whether she wanted the territorial law to take effect, or prefers a newer law banning the practice after 15 weeks of pregnancy, Lake replied, “I think the older law is going to … go into effect. That’s what I believe will happen.
  • Ted Simons, the Arizona PBS host moderating the debate, pressed for clarity: “OK, but you approve of that — at conception?”
  • “I believe that life begins at conception,” Lake responded, suggesting she had no problem with the territorial law’s complete ban.
  • But the scales have tilted against anti-abortion hardliners in Arizona since Lake made those remarks…
  • Asked about her support for the territorial ban, Lake told ABC15 Arizona, “I haven’t changed.”…

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