The Abortion Ban Lake Tapes: “I Am 100% Pro-Life”

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

ARIZONA -– In the third episode of the “Abortion Ban Lake Tapes,” Kari Lake says that she is “100% pro-life,” that there should be no federal right to an abortion, and that the Dobbs decision “corrected a 50 year wrong.”

The Dobbs decision which Lake praises, allowed for the potential resuscitation of Arizona’s 1864 “draconian” territorial ban on abortion which has no exceptions for rape or incest– a law which Kari Lake is “incredibly thrilled” about.

Arizonans know that Kari Lake is “100% pro-life” because she’s said it herself, and because just three weeks after launching her campaign for Senate, she said her views on abortion “haven’t changed, actually.

Roll The Abortion Ban Lake Tapes…

Kari Lake: “I am 100% pro-life. I think the Supreme Court did a very smart thing. They righted a 50 year wrong. They corrected a 50 year wrong. […] It is not in the Constitution as a right. And it was it was wrong that they set it up that way. So thankfully, we got that fixed. And Arizona will not be a state where we’re taking the lives of our unborn.”

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