ICYMI: Kari Lake Booed At Arizona GOP Meeting After Forcing Chair’s Resignation [The Messenger]

ARIZONA – Kari Lake’s “absolute clown show” continued to “[upend] Arizona GOP” weekend, as new reports detailed how Lake was “booed at Arizona GOP meeting after forcing Chair’s resignation” this weekend.

As a reminder, last Tuesday, widespread reporting indicated Kari Lake was allegedly “offered what she viewed as a bribe” by Jeff DeWit, then chair of the AZ GOP. That night Lake called for his resignation. On Wednesday, DeWit resigned, telling NBC News that “no one believes [Lake] can get across the finish line, particularly with independents.” On Thursday, Donald Trump pulled his appearance at the AZ GOP’s Freedom Fest, and soon after the entire Freedom Fest was canceled

On Saturday, during the AZ GOP state committee meeting, Kari Lake received “boos” and “jeers” as she introduced the now chair of the AZ GOP, Gina Swoboda

The events of last week sparked a new wave of concerns from Republicans about the viability of Lake’s Senate candidacy, summarized by one veteran Republican strategist fretting “Kari is toast.


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  • KNPX/12 News (video): Lake vs DeWit: The unanswered questions. Republican Barrett Marson: “My biggest problem with this is, how many voters did you gain by pulling this stunt? And I believe that answer is ‘zero,’and in fact you might have lost some actual voters that are out there.”
  • Arizona Republic: Kari Lake’s use of secret recordings: Exposing corruption or political ‘theater’? Instead [Larry Sabato] argued the recorded conversation illuminates the simple fact that Lake is a risky prospect for Republicans looking to pick up a Senate seat […] John J. “Jack” Pitney Jr., a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College, said […] “Her campaign is mostly theater, not policy substance.”
  • KJZZSwoboda received applause upon taking the stage, though Lake — who introduced her — was met with boos, according to those in attendance. Lake’s decision to secretly record conversations with DeWit – and the fact that those recordings were leaked to the media in an apparent attempt to force him out — has divided Republicans in recent days.
  • CBS 13 PhoenixLake, who was shocked when the crowd booed her at the meeting, also endorsed Swoboda.
  •  New York Times: Arizona G.O.P. Picks New Leader After Scandal Creates a VacancyKari Lake, a far-right candidate for U.S. Senate and close ally of Mr. Trump who had a central role in Mr. DeWit’s fall, took to the stage on Saturday to nominate Ms. Swoboda. But she was met with a din of boos and heckling from the crowd, an apparent rebuff to her involvement in the scandal […] Republican strategists said the move leaves an already divided party organization in disarray just as the campaign season is ramping up.
  • Wall Street Journal Opinion (AUDIO)Kyle Peterson: But the challenge is that the leading candidate for the Republican nomination is Kari Lake […] And it just raises the question of whether Republicans are going to go into this election busy fighting each other […] And Mene, it seems like a repeat of a conversation we’ve had often on this podcast about candidate quality and the difficulty in some of these primary races of choosing candidates who are very able to appeal to the 10% of the electorate that votes in these primaries but then end up struggling when you get to the general election and you have to attract moderates and independents and swing voters.
  • NewsweekOn Saturday, a clip made the round on social media of Lake onstage at a meeting of the Arizona Republican Party, during which she received a notably mixed reception, with many audible boos mixed in with cheers, when she decried Arizona’s elections as “a corrupt mess.” “You may not agree with me on everything,” Lake said onstage. “But what we can agree on is that elections in Arizona are a corrupt mess election. Can we agree that elections are a mess in Arizona? No”

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