This Week in Kari Lake’s Nightmare Campaign: “Kari Lake is Toast,” “Absolute Clown Show,” “Lake Upends Arizona GOP”

ARIZONA – Kari Lake’s nightmare Senate campaign continues to cause chaos for Arizona Republicans with a week of bribery allegations, resignations, and more. 

Here’s what you might have missed this week:

  • On Wednesday morning, following his resignation, DeWit told NBC News that  “no one believes [Lake] can get across the finish line, particularly with independents.”

The events of this week have sparked a new wave of concerns from Republicans about the viability of Lake’s Senate candidacy: 

  • On KJZZLorna Romero Ferguson, Republican consultant, said, “A few months ago, we were talking about how she was making the attempt — and I do this in air quotes — to appeal to a broader audience and more of the moderate, centrist Republicans. This isn’t the way to do it necessarily, with this kind of narrative and these talking points. And so I’m not sure what the long-term strategy is […] I don’t think it’s going to work out for her this upcoming election cycle.”
  • “Kari is toast,” one veteran Scottsdale Republican activist who requested anonymity told Newsmax. “There’s a big meeting [of party activists] Saturday. We need to get through it and then talk.”
  • Robert Graham, AZ GOP chairman from 2013 through 2017, said “the infighting that led to DeWit’s humiliation and resignation threatens the ability of the Arizona Republican Party to do what it needs to do in 2024. This is the time when you need to have the most organized organization. But when all this happens, it’s rudderless. The ship is not pointing in any direction.”

Read more about the Arizona GOP’s chaotic week thanks to Kari Lake’s nightmare campaign:

  • Arizona Republic: Donald Trump cancels Phoenix visit after Kari Lake, Jeff DeWit feudThe cancellation comes one day after DeWit, the party’s chair, resigned after the release of a March 2023 audio recording in which he offered Kari Lake a lucrative job to stay out of the U.S. Senate race. Lake rejected what she characterized as a bribe.
  • Newsmax Commentary: Arizona’s Secret Tape Could Ruin Kari Lake. “Kari is toast,” one veteran Scottsdale Republican activist who requested anonymity told Newsmax. “There’s a big meeting [of party activists] Saturday. We need to get through it and then talk.”
  • Real Clear Politics: Before Trump Visit, Kari Lake Upends Arizona GOP. “What does she want – complete and total control of the state party? Okay, but what does that get you, and at what cost, because Jeff was an ally?” asked one GOP operative. “Does anyone trust that they can have a conversation with Kari, and it won’t be broadcast or weaponized against you at a later date?”
  • 13 News/CBS 5: Trump no longer coming to Arizona; AZGOP Freedom Fest canceled. The news also comes a day after the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party resigned. Jeff DeWit stepped down amid pressure after a British tabloid released secretly recorded audio clips of him reportedly trying to bribe Lake to keep her from running for U.S. Senate.
  • The Daily Beast: Trump Nixes Arizona Trip After GOP Chair’s Scandal-Ridden Resignation. Trump’s withdrawal comes one day after Jeff DeWit resigned as chair of the Arizona Republican Party in the wake of a bombshell tape capturing him offering senatorial hopeful and Trump ally Kari Lake a big-money job of her choosing to drop out of politics for two years.
  • Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: A similar bad omen for Republicans is the GOP dysfunction in big swing states, including Arizona and Michigan. The latest is that Kari Lake secretly audiotaped the Arizona state party chair, Jeff DeWit, urging her in 2023 to skip this year’s Senate race […] the leaked tape looks like an attempt by Ms. Lake and her allies to take over the state party. What a fiasco […] Yet the GOP seems prepared to nominate the polarizing Ms. Lake, who’s again busy firing inside the tent.

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