ICYMI: Arizona Republican Party Boss Tried to Keep Kari Lake out of Senate Race by Dangling Job [Arizona Republic]

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

ARIZONA – According to new reporting from the Arizona Republic, Kari Lake was allegedly “offered what she viewed as a bribe by the chair of the Arizona Republican Party in an effort to keep her from running for the next two years.”

Ahead of Lake’s October 2023 launch, both Arizona and national Republicans expressed concerns over Kari Lake’s nightmare Senate candidacy, including “fears that if Lake becomes the nominee, she will alienate voters by obsessing over past elections.” 

After Lake’s launch, Republicans continued to raise the alarm that when Lake runs, “Republicans lose. It’s that simple.”

“Turns out Arizona and national Republicans really were ‘freaking out’ about how Kari Lake’s nightmare campaign would cost them the Arizona Senate race,”’ said Olivia Taylor-Puckett, Senior Communications Advisor at the Arizona Democratic Party.

Read more about the Arizona Republican Party Chairman’s attempt to keep nightmare Senate candidate Kari Lake from running:

  • The Hill: Kari Lake calls on Arizona GOP chair to resign after reports of leaked audio“Lake, a former news anchor and failed gubernatorial candidate, has faced pushback against her Senate bid. DeWit suggests powers that be within the party would prefer a stronger fundraiser in the race. Lake has been a leading booster of Trump’s false election fraud claims and fought her own legal battle against her 2022 gubernatorial loss.”

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