Shocking Audio Resurfaces as Kari Lake Remains Silent On Calls to Denounce Pedophile

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Tues, August 30th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,


Shocking Audio Resurfaces as Kari Lake Remains Silent On Calls to Denounce Pedophile


PHOENIX – As Kari Lake stays silent on fellow Republican Tom Horne employing a man charged with child sex crimes, shocking audio has resurfaced of Kari Lake standing by her retweet accusing former Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon of being “Okay with special needs kids being raped” for not supporting her dangerous plan to put cameras in classrooms.  


On the Mike Broomhead show on December 10th, 2021, Lake says, “Matt Salmon is opposed to cameras in the classroom. If cameras were in the classroom that special needs student would not have been raped…when it comes to our children in schools he doesnt want them protected….I stand by my tweet.” 


This audio reemerges as Kari Lake is set to appear tonight with Tom Horne, Republican candidate for Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who has come under fire for hiring former state Rep. David Stringer. Stringer was charged with child sex crimes and was forced to resign after refusing to cooperate with an ethics investigation over his past sex-crime charges. Stringer was also recorded making racist remarks about public school children. Stringer’s victims bravely came forward to police and yet Tom Horne has vehemently defended him and given him a job.


So far, Lake has been silent and has refused to denounce Tom Horne or call on him to remove David Stringer from his campaign. 

“Kari Lake claims she cares about protecting our children, but how does she square that position with  this disqualifying behavior from a fellow Republican candidate?” asked Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Will Lake denounce it or will she stand arm in arm with Horne while allowing a pedophile to work on his campaign for state superintendent? Lake has already gone out of her way to support and endorse anti-Semites and racist conspiracy theorists–Will she add pedophile apologists to that list of friends too?”

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