Gruesome Twosome: Kari Lake Endorses Right-Wing Extremist Wendy Rogers

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry|

Gruesome Twosome: Kari Lake Endorses Right-Wing Extremist Wendy Rogers 

PHOENIX— Kari Lake can’t resist a right-wing, fringe fanatic for a friend and Wendy Rogers is no exception.  Last week, Rogers announced that she’s been endorsed by Kari Lake in her bid to keep embarrassing the state Senate with hateful, bigoted tweets and actions. Rogers is on the fringe of fringe and has made her support of radical, white supremacist ideology clear. 

Rogers is an avid Kari Lake supporter, holding multiple events with Lake. When Rogers made headlines after speaking to a white nationalist group in Florida in February, Kari Lake declined to comment, even after the Arizona Senate voted to censure Rogers for her comments supporting white nationalism and calls for violence.

In the past, Rogers said white nationalists are ‘patriots’ and called for hanging political enemies. Just last week, the Arizona Senate Ethics Committee voted to move forward with an investigation into Rogers following her comments that the Buffalo grocery store shooting was a false flag operation. Back in February, she said that her political opponents should face a “newly built set of gallows” while speaking at the America First Political Action Conference, a white nationalist gathering.

“All of this makes Rogers the perfect candidate for Lake to endorse, especially when Lake herself has cozied up with white nationalists and bigots from all walks of life,” said Josselyn Berry, Spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “No doubt all of this is alarming to everyday, decent people who are looking for a Governor who will represent and stand up for all Arizonans, and not one who proudly endorses the likes of Wendy Rogers.” 

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