ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Kari Lake’s Election Denialism Is “Going To Hurt Her”

Friday, May 31st, 2024

ARIZONA -– This episode of the Lake Tapes highlights how Kari Lake’s continued election denialism is “going to hurt her” and how Lake is “not winning back the mainstream Republicans,” because Arizonans “are just really tired” of her election denial. 

Despite publicly being told by national Republicans to stop pushing conspiracy theories, Lake continuously denies the results of the 2020 and 2022 elections. “Lake faces an uphill battle” and “has struggled to” be less divisive after spending the last few months repeatedly expressing her support for Arizona’s fake electors and calling for violence in the lead up to the 2024 election

Let’s roll the tape…

Alex Witt: “Welcome, Alex, what are you hearing from Arizonans about Kari Lake running for office again after fighting fiercely after losing the [2022] governor race?” 

Alex Tabet: “Well, Alex, I’ve been asking Arizonans for months about the Senate race and so often, when I ask them about Kari Lake, the answer I will hear has something to do with election denialism.”

Maria Bartiromo: “So how confident are you then that we will have a fair election in November?”

Kari Lake:If it were today, I wouldn’t be all that confident.” [5/12/2024]

Brahm Resnik: “Republican political consultant Barrett Marson says Lake’s attack on elections drove away GOP voters in her losing 2022 campaign for governor.

Barrett Marson:I don’t think she has brought over a lot of converts.

Interviewer: “You’re still thinking that the election was stolen, Kari Lake?”

Kari Lake:Yeah we had major problems in ‘22.” [5/5/2024]

Tony Cani:I think that it’s going to hurt her in Arizona. I think people are just really tired of this.”

Brahm Resnik:She’s not winning back the mainstream Republicans she says are coming back to her. But now you’re seeing some of the more hardcore Lake supporters, the base, the real current Trump base saying, ‘You know, I’m not sure about this.’”

Interviewer: “Did anyone give you advice to not talk about the 2020 election?”

Kari Lake: “No. The 2020 election, I think it was a rigged election.” [3/10/2024]

Interviewer: “Do you still believe that your election was stolen?”

Kari Lake:We had major problems in our election, and we’re really working to resolve those problems. We still have some court cases.” [3/10/2024]

Chris Jansing: Kari Lake’s attempt at a campaign makeover appears to have fallen flat… members of the Arizona GOP are telling NBC News that Lake faces an uphill battle to mend fences, notably with John McCain supporters whom she once told to get the hell out of a party event.” 

Vaughn Hillyard: “Back in December Kari Lake on her own social media account, she posted she understood she needed to be less divisive and she was going to prove to people that that is exactly who Kari Lake in the year 2024 was going to be. Well, A couple of months have passed since, and I can tell you from conversations with multiple long time Arizona Republicans that she has struggled to do that.”

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