ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Kari Lake Continues to Push Election Conspiracy Theories, Says Elections Are “Just Theater”

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

ARIZONA -–This episode of the Lake Tapes highlights how Kari Lake “just can’t help herself” but continues to “latch on to” election conspiracy theories, despite publicly being told by national Republicans to leave conspiracies behind because Arizonans “are just really tired” of her election denialism.

In the last three months alone, Lake has continued to suggest the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen, repeatedly expressed her support for Arizona’s fake electors, and has even gone so far as to call for violence in the lead up to the 2024 election.  

Let’s roll the tape…

Interviewer: “So how confident are you then that we will have a fair election in November?”

Kari Lake:If it were today, I wouldn’t be all that confident.” [5/12/2024]

Interviewer: “You’re still thinking that the election was stolen Kari Lake?”

Kari Lake:Yeah we had major problems in ‘22We have elections that are just theater, where we go to vote, and we know it doesn’t matter who we vote for, they’re going to pick who they want. That’s a problem.” [5/5/2024]

Kari Lake: I am the only person running on the Republican ticket for U.S. Senate who believes the 2020 election was fraudulent… Do we all believe right now that Joe Biden didn’t win 21 million…  if you think he won 21 million votes – I’m sorry, 81 million votes, raise your hand. Actually, he probably didn’t get 21 million, to be honest. If you think Joe Biden won 81 million votes, raise your hand real high. I didn’t think so. We know what happened in 2020, and it happened in 2022What they did to us last election was so wrong. …  and we saw what they did on Election Day. They knew they couldn’t stop us at the ballot box. And so they just shut the whole damn thing down.” [4/13/2024]

Kari Lake: “We won in Arizona in a massive landslide. They had to steal this election in broad daylight to take the will of the people away from the people.” [3/26/2024]

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