ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: In Front of Confederate Flag, Kari Lake Pushes Conspiracy Theories

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

ARIZONA -– This episode of the Lake Tapes, Kari Lake “[repeats] lies that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Trump, doing it in front of a flag associated with slavery in the South.

Lake’s appearance under a confederate flag is just the latest evidence that “she’s not someone who’s really made an effort to go to the center.” Lake “hasn’t gotten off the election conspiracy bandwagon,” responding to the false claim that she won the ‘22 gubernatorial election, “of course we did. They stole our government” and that she will continue “trying to get rid of these damn machines that are corrupt.

Over the last several months, Lake “keeps giving Republicans new reasons to worry” as she “has struggled to” be less divisive after reopening failed, election conspiracy theory-laden court cases and calling for violence in the lead up to the 2024 election. 

Let’s roll the tape…

Kari Lake: I will tell you this, the people are coming forward even more. And we were up 12 points in that last election.

Attendee: You won.

Kari Lake: Of course we did. They stole our government. And what they did was right in front of our faces, they almost didn’t care... 

Kari Lake: We’re about to drop another suit, lawsuit in federal court. We’re trying to get rid of these damn machines that are corrupt […] I’m the only person running for U.S. Senate, either Republican or Democrat, who truly believes there was fraud in the election in 2020. 

Kari Lake: Does everybody here believe that? Anybody believe there wasn’t fraud in 2020? And anybody believe Joe Biden really, truly got 81 million votes? Even the cameraman from the liberal media didn’t even raise his hand. He knows it. The media knows it, the left knows Joe Biden didn’t get 81 million votes. And they want us to sit there and be quiet and act like it’s true.

Kari Lake: I’m the only one running for U.S. Senate in Arizona who believes there was fraud, who believes Joe Biden didn’t get 81 million votes. And I’m the only one running who’s willing to fight for the ‘22 election as well. 

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