ROUND UP: Kari Lake Campaigns In Front Of Confederate Flag 

Lake “Repeated Lies that the 2020 Election was Stolen from Former President Trump, Doing It in Front of a Flag Associated with Slavery in the South”

Monday, June 10th, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Recently, Kari Lake made a campaign speech standing in front of a Confederate battle flag, continuing to push election conspiracy theories and standing alongside a legislative candidate who faces “allegations that he inflated his military background.” Lake’s campaign has refused to answer for her decision to campaign in front of a Confederate flag.


  • Fox 10: “Well, Senate candidate Kari Lake gives a campaign speech in front of a Confederate flag. First reported by the local newspaper, the White Mountain Independent, then The Guardian, and the New York Times. It happened on May 31st at a Trump themed merchandise store in Show Low. The Republican frontrunner repeated lies that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Trump, doing it in front of a flag associated with slavery in the South. Lake was stumping for Steve Slaton running for Arizona’s Seventh District. Slaton owns the store and is under fire himself for claiming he was a combat pilot, but a veterans group says he was actually a mechanic. Fox 10 reached out to the Lake campaign for comment, but haven’t received a response.”

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  • Arizona Republic: Kari Lake gave Senate campaign speech in front of a Confederate flag. “For Lake, the optics of an image of her in front of the symbol of the Confederacy could undermine her efforts to reach Arizona’s sizable independent voters…”
  • Arizona Republic Opinion: Kari Lake campaigns with the Confederate flag? Is she crazy? (Don’t answer that). “Kari Lake campaigns beneath a Confederate flag as she waxes on about the need to ‘save this great Republic.’ Is this part of her plan to win over moderates?”
  • The Guardian: Revealed: Trump ally Kari Lake gave speech in front of Confederate flag
  • New York Times: Kari Lake Delivered a Speech in Front of a Confederate Flag
  • Vanity Fair: Trump Loyalist and US Senate Candidate Kari Lake Slams NYC Conviction, Speaks In Front of Confederate Flag
  • Raw Story: ​​Kari Lake delivers Senate stump speech with Confederate flag in background. “A supporter told Lake she deserved to be the true governor because she actually won and Lake responded: ‘Of course we did. They stole our government.’”

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