NEW: Kari Lake Says It’s Unfortunate 1864 Abortion Ban Isn’t Being Enforced

“But unfortunately the people running the state are not going to enforce it” 

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

ARIZONA -–  On Saturday while in Idahonotably not Arizona – Kari Lake said it was unfortunate that the 1864 ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest is not being enforced: “unfortunately the people running the state are not going to enforce it.”

Lake’s lament that the draconian law isn’t being enforced comes after reporting revealed just last week that Lake has “solidified her support for Arizona’s total abortion ban and called on county sheriffs to enforce the law once it goes into effect” and she attempted to downplay the severity of the draconian 1864 territorial ban on abortion.

Watch Kari Lake say “But unfortunately the people running the state are not going to enforce it” here. 

Saturday’s comments mark the second time in just one week that Lake has doubled down on calling for the enforcement of the 1864 ban on abortion.

Lake was joined at the event by Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon who has been described as “far-right” and a fellow promoter of election denial. Moon expressed support for Idaho’s restrictive abortion ban, applauded the Idaho Supreme Court for upholding abortion bans, and has called abortion “evil.” A Republican party official said “The rise of political extremism in Idaho is a direct consequence of Moon’s leadership.”

Lake’s  “clear record on” abortion includes support for the 1864 territorial ban and calling for its enforcement, saying abortion is a “sacrifice, ”an “execution,” “not a medical choice,” “not health care,” and calling herself “100% pro-life” and says abortion is an “execution […] pure and simple.”

Lake also recently touted the endorsement of  State Senator Sonny Borrelli who previously said, “Like I said, Bayer Company invented aspirin. Put it between your knees,”

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