NEW AD: Jim Lamon: “Fake Blake Masters is a Puppet”

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Friday, May 13, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

NEW AD: Jim Lamon: “Fake Blake Masters is a Puppet” 

PHOENIX — Today, this GOP Senate primary just got a whole lot messier as Jim Lamon attacks Blake Masters in a new ad, labeling him “the puppet of California Big Tech.”

Masters, a California tech bro who spent most of his adult life in Silicon Valley and is currently running on the dime (read: $10 million investment) of Big Tech billionaire Peter Thiel, has spent months going after Lamon online, in print, and on the campaign trail

Now, Lamon is putting his personal $50 million campaign war chest to use and hitting back at Masters on Arizona’s airwaves for voters across the state to see. 

This ad, although not the first negative ad of the cycle, comes as the field stares down a long, hot summer in a competitive primary with “no clear frontrunner.” 

“Arizonans are about to see just how immature, messy, and desperate this ‘decidedly weak’ GOP primary field really is,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss. “Already resorting to name-calling and mockery, these candidates are making it clear as day just how unfit they are to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate — and with three months to go until Primary Day, these shenanigans are just the beginning.”



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