MIA: Brnovich and Lamon Continue to Hide from Arizonans

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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

MIA: Brnovich and Lamon Continue to Hide from Arizonans  
PHOENIX — Nearly a year into this primary, Blake Masters *still* hasn’t seen Mark Brnovich in person. That didn’t stop him from attacking Brnovich and Jim Lamon or making this messy primary even wilder.

On Tuesday, what was meant to be a full-field candidate forum quickly became nothing but a dose of disappointing deja vu when Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich bailed on Arizonans for the second time in less than a week.

With Brnovich and Lamon in hiding, Arizonans were stuck with Blake Masters, Mick McGuire, and Justin Olson — and however disappointed we were to miss the long-awaited Masters-Brnovich head-to-head, these candidates, per usual, were anything but boring.
See below for the forum’s biggest takeaways: 

  • Blake Masters wants everyone to know he’s not just a Republican, he’s a MAGA Republican. Peter Thiel’s puppet spent a good portion of his time reliving his glory days on the 2016 Trump transition team and even labeled the former president a “happy warrior.” Not the words we’d choose, but we’re not pandering for Trump’s endorsement.
  • Justin Olson is still running for U.S. Senate — and we’re still not sure why.
  • Mick McGuire stole a page out of tech boy Blake’s book and hit Big Tech companies for “censoring” and “suppressing” free speech, arguing that the internet should be “tantamount to having an open space here in Robson Ranch” — where the forum was held and, ironically, where reporters were barred from attending.

Back to Blake and Brno: Desperate to finally meet Brnovich, Masters took matters into his own hands and challenged the absentee AG to a special, one-on-one faceoff this coming Saturday. While we doubt Brnovich will attend, Masters is teasing that Donald Trump might call into the event.

This primary continues to be a disaster for Republicans.

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