FRAUD MASTERS: Blake Masters Continues to Lie to Arizonans

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

FRAUD MASTERS: Blake Masters Continues to Lie to Arizonans

The GOP #AZSen Nominee Tried to Hide His Dangerous Stance on Abortion, the 2020 Election, and More
PHOENIX — In the last week, a wave of brutal press coverage has crashed into Blake Masters, highlighting his desperate attempt to hide his true beliefs from Arizonans — all in an effort to boost his chances in November’s election.

First, Masters tried to lie about his dangerous position on abortion, scrubbing his support for a nationwide abortion ban from his campaign website.

  • [WATCH] CBS Phoenix: “This is someone who had said basically, he believed all abortions should be illegal, believed there should be a federal personhood law that would criminalize abortion care […] We’ve seen a number of polls that show just how angry so many Americans are – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — at the overturning of Roe v. Wade and how it has really, in a lot of ways, reshaped the way that this campaign is going to be run.”

  • [WATCH] MSNBC: “He repeatedly billed himself as ‘unapologetically pro-life.’ He pushed for a so-called personhood law […] The reason he’s trying to pivot right now seems pretty clear: The vast majority of voters support abortion rights and Blake Masters wants them to elect him to the United States Senate by, well, lying about how he really feels.”

Now, Masters is working to hide more of his “fringe” and “extreme” positions, this time on everything from the 2020 election to January 6th — all of which made him a liability crawling out of his “combustible” primary.

  • [READ] Arizona Republic: Blake Masters’ campaign took down website posts on D.C. riot, immigration, 2020 election. “Controversial comments about the U.S. Capitol riot, an immigration conspiracy theory, and the false claims of a stolen election have disappeared from Republican Senate hopeful Blake Masters’ campaign website. Masters is demonstrating that his campaign reboot involved more than removing his views on abortion.”
  • [READ] MSNBC: GOP’s Masters isn’t done trying to edit away his far-right views. “Masters’ strategy appears designed to appear more mainstream, but his efforts are only reminding the public of his radical far-right ideology.”
  • [WATCH] CBS Phoenix: “[Masters] appears to have changed his campaign website trying to appeal to more moderate voters for the general election. Some of the more controversial language that helped him win the GOP primary has now been erased.”

It’s clear: Now that Masters is facing general election voters in less than 70 days, he’s desperately working to erase his well-documented, dangerous beliefs. Unfortunately for Masters, his own words speak for themselves and reveal exactly who he is: A dangerous candidate, wholly unfit to serve Arizona in the Senate.

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