FIGHT NIGHT IN ARIZONA: Masters vs. Brnovich (Maybe?)

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Friday, April 29, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
FIGHT NIGHT IN ARIZONA: Masters vs. Brnovich (Maybe?) 


PHOENIX — This is one head-to-head match-up you don’t need Pay-Per-View for.

It’s not even May and the GOP Senate primary field is off the rails, with candidates resorting to fanatical spectacles to attempt to draw attention to their stagnant senate bids.

Take Peter Thiel’s chosen Arizona puppet, Blake Masters: About a week ago, Masters issued a click-bait worthy head-to-head “election integrity” debate challenge to Mark Brnovich after the absentee AG bailed on several campaign appearances. Ever since, Masters — desperate for an enthusiasm bump — has tried to up the ante around this supposed brawl, even teasing an appearance from former President Trump.

If — and it’s a strong if — Mark Brnovich shocks the state and shows up on Saturday night, there’s no doubt the gloves will come off and this already bruising primary will get even messier. Time and again, Brnovich’s opponents have attacked him online, in print, in TV ads, and at events for failing to sufficiently back former President Trump’s lies around the 2020 election. So far, the only response from Brnovich’s side has been (an admittedly funny) meme from a campaign aide suggesting that Brnovich doesn’t think about Blake at all.


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