Blake Breakdown: Let the Games Begin


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Monday, August 22, 2022
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Blake Breakdown: Let the Games Begin

PHOENIX — Out with the old, in with the new. Just as the ‘Senate Showdown’ kept you up to date on the chaos of the GOP Senate primary, today we’re launching the ‘Blake Breakdown’ — a weekly roundup of the latest news on Blake Masters, the “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

Known for his divisive rhetoric, far-right positions, and Twitter temper tantrums, Masters is a risk Arizonans cannot afford. From now until November 8th, the Arizona Democratic Party’s ‘Breakdown’ is here to help you keep track of the latest reason why he has no business serving in the U.S. Senate.

Here’s what you missed last week:

WHO SAW THIS COMING: Two weeks ago, Masters made local and national headlines for lying about his relationship with one of his many Neo-Nazi endorsers, Gab founder Andrew Torba. For months, prominent White Nationalists have flocked to publicly back Blake — whether it’s because he blamed Black people for gun violence, favorably quoted a Nazi leader, or called WWII “unjust.” Or as Vanity Fair put it last week, “White extremists have found their guy for the Senate: Blake Masters.”

ALEXA PLAY GASLIGHTER BY THE CHICKS: Now that he’s staring down a general election, Masters is lying about his dangerous positions on issues that matter most to Arizonans, including his plans to ban abortion and privatize Social Security. Masters may have forgotten about the hours of video where he broadcasted his beliefs but members of the press are already holding him accountable. Arizonans will soon get the message loud and clear: You can’t trust Blake Masters.

CENTS > SENSE: Because why make more NFTs if you can just recycle your old, offensive videos to fund your campaign? Turns out, Blake’s campaign is getting a major boost from his recently unearthed rap video where he donned Native war paint and mocked “cultural insensitivity.” In a move that should surprise literally no one, Masters’ campaign cares more about making a quick buck than disrespecting Arizonans.

THE MITCH SITCH: Minority Leader McConnell is worried poor GOP “candidate quality” will doom his party’s prospects for taking back the Senate this year, and we’re thinking it has everything to do with one particularly offputting California tech bro named Blake Masters. But don’t worry, Mitch, because as Masters embarrassingly tried to justify: “I think I’m a much better candidate than Mitch McConnell gives me credit for.” 

A MOMENT FOR THE MASTERS MOMENT: Last week, we launched the ‘Masters Moment,’ a daily opportunity to broadcast Masters’ hottest (read: worst) takes. While he tries to downplay his dangerous beliefs and offensive comments, we’re here to remind you, every single morning, exactly who Blake Masters is.



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