Anti-Arizona: #AZSen Candidates Are Running to Dismantle Social Security

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

Anti-Arizona: #AZSen Candidates Are Running to Dismantle Social Security 
PHOENIX — This week, as we near the end of the “bloody” and “bitter” GOP Senate “primary fight,” the ADP is taking a step back from the usual chaos to break down the field’s dangerous policy positions and outline exactly why these “decidedly weak” candidates would be so harmful for Arizonans.

First up: their plans to upend Social Security. Despite the 1.35 million Arizona seniors who rely on Social Security, the field has repeatedly called to dismantle the overwhelmingly popular program.
Jim Lamon, an out of touch self-funder:

Blake Masters, a billionaire-backed millennial who is leaning into his sparse resume to try and persuade voters he’d bring “fresh and innovative thinking” to Washington:

Mark Brnovich, the absentee AG who has spent much of this race hiding from voters:

  • Hinted at his support for upending Social Security, saying the “federal government is spending money we don’t have;” and
  • Has dedicated the better part of his career to “kill[ing]” other crucial programs including the Affordable Care Act, even when it meant jeopardizing protections for pre-existing conditions.

As a reminder, the GOP effort to privatize Social Security is an outdated, unpopular, and failed plan that would completely upend seniors’ lives, illustrating just how out of touch these “C-listers” are.


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