AIRWAVE ATTACK, TRUMP EDITION: #AZSen Ad War Heats Up Ahead of Trump’s Arizona Visit

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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AIRWAVE ATTACK, TRUMP EDITION: #AZSen Ad War Heats Up Ahead of Trump’s Arizona Visit 


PHOENIX — The Masters vs. Lamon negative ad war continues…and now the “the man at the center” of the GOP Senate primary is front and center on TVs across the state, just as he’s about to rally his base in Prescott Valley, Arizona this Friday.

Six weeks ago, Donald Trump lit this “nasty” primary on fire, endorsing Peter Thiel’s show pony Blake Masters and triggering an intra-primary brawl that has made this race “one of the most expensive primary campaigns of this cycle.” 

First, Blake Masters, desperate for a Trump bump in the polls, scrambled to film an ad with Trump to tout the endorsement, capturing the former president slamming his opponents, saying Lamon and Brnovich “will only let you down.”


Then, Jim Lamon began spending millions on Arizona’s airwaves slamming Masters and touting his own MAGA allegiance to earn the support of far-right primary voters. Last week, an increasingly desperate Lamon launched an audacious ad with a simple message, “Trump made a mistake” by endorsing Masters.



Now, with just two weeks to go until primary day and over a third of the electorate up for grabs, Masters’ team is working overtime to spread the endorsement news and solidify their support among Trump’s most loyal backers. This week, they launched a new spot contrasting the rivals, slamming “liberal Jim Lamon” for losing the endorsement race to Masters, a “true conservative.” 



Given that Trump’s endorsement is Masters’ only qualification to date, we’re willing to bet these ads will run on repeat from now until August 2nd, illustrating just how large Trump looms in this crowded contest. 



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