While Trump and MAGA Republicans Want to Rip Away Arizonans Health Care, President Biden is Fighting for Lower Costs

For Immediate Release
Friday, December 8th, 2023
Contact: Victoria Opperman, communications@azdem.org
While Trump and MAGA Republicans Want to Rip Away Arizonans Health Care, President Biden is Fighting for Lower Costs

Yesterday, President Biden announced new actions to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs for Arizona families — the latest step in the historic work the Biden-Harris administration has done to cap insulin costs, lower the cost of health insurance, and allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. The contrast could not be more clear, while Donald Trump and Arizona MAGA Republicans have revived their crusade to tear apart the Affordable Care Act (ACA), jeopardize health care coverage, and raise costs for thousands of Arizonans.

“While Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans continue to threaten Arizonans health care by attacking the ACA, President Biden is taking action to lower the cost of prescription drugs and help hardworking families,” Arizona Democratic Party Chair Yolanda Bejarano said. “As MAGA Republicans continue to push their unpopular agenda that prioritizes lining the pockets of Big Pharma while raising prices, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Arizona Democrats are delivering on their promise to make health care less expensive and more accessible.”

MAGA Republicans’ agenda would cripple Americans’ access to health care:

  • 2024 Republicans have railed against and even threatened to repeal President Biden’s landmark Inflation Reduction Act, which is lowering prescription drug costs for families across the country.
  • MAGA Republicans in Congress blocked a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act that would have capped the price of insulin at $35/month for private insurers — and they remain hell-bent on repealing these historic investments that are lowering costs for working families.
  • The Trump administration tried to strip the federal government of the power to combat high prices for products developed with taxpayer dollars — once again protecting Big Pharma’s profits at the expense of Americans.


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