What To Watch For At Tomorrow’s Trump Rally

For Immediate Release
Friday, January 14, 2022
Contact: Sarah Guggenheimer, sguggenheimer@azdem.org

What To Watch For At Tomorrow’s Trump Rally

Tomorrow, former President Trump returns to Arizona for his first rally of 2022 – and his second visit to Arizona in 6 months. He’ll surely continue to spread lies and conspiracies around the 2020 election, while also insulting any Republican he believes has been insufficiently supportive of him.

Trump has continued to loom large in the GOP Senate primary. And so before he officially takes the stage tomorrow, here’s what to watch for:

  1. Will Trump reiterate that any Republican who fails to accept false claims of massive election fraud is a “RINO”?
  2. Now that Governor Ducey is considering a Senate run once more, will Trump use his time on stage to revive his attacks against his “nemesis”?
  3. Has Mark Brnovich’s investigation into the 2020 election done enough to prove to Trump that he’s willing to sell out every Arizonan – in particular, Maricopa County – for the former president and his own political ambitions?
  4. How else will Blake Masters and Jim Lamon continue to escalate their competition over who is most supportive of Trump’s lies in the next 24 hours before the rally?
  5. With the GOP Senate primary firmly centered on the 2020 election, how will Trump’s rally further turn off Arizona voters looking for elected officials who will focus on the issues that actually matter?


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