WHAT THEY’RE SEEING: Blake Masters Supports Privatizing Social Security

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

WHAT THEY’RE SEEING: Blake Masters Supports Privatizing Social Security 

Masters Has Called to “Cut the Knot,” Risk Seniors’ Benefits in the Stock Market
PHOENIX — Less than two months ago, Blake Masters stood on a debate stage and shamelessly called to privatize Social Security, saying we should “cut the knot” on benefits for Arizona’s seniors.

Now that he’s gearing up for this fall’s general election, Masters is attempting a pathetic backpedal, lying about his dangerous position to upend a program that over 1 million Arizonans depend on.

Too bad for Blake — Arizonans are already hearing, in his own words, how he wants to dismantle Social Security.

  • MSNBC: “In Arizona, for example, Republican Senate hopeful Blake Masters recently endorsed privatizing Social Security, despite running in a state with quite a few retirees.”
  • ABC News: “‘Walk Away,’ a TV ad airing both English and Spanish, highlights a remark Masters made at a GOP Senate debate in June — and later walked back — in which he said, ‘Maybe we should privatize Social Security, right? Private retirement accounts. Get the government out of it.’ (Arizona has one of the highest percentages of residents ages 65 years and older.)”

Last Friday, ahead of the 87th Anniversary of Social Security, Arizona seniors joined the ADP for a press conference to call out Masters’ plan to jeopardize seniors’ savings.

At the event, Saundra Cole, a longtime advocate for Arizona seniors said, “Just a few weeks ago, Blake Masters stood on a debate stage and promised he would ‘cut the knot’ on this program. Those are his words, not mine. He said we should ‘privatize Social Security.’ Let’s make one thing clear: Privatizing Social Security would devastate 1.4 million Arizonan seniors by gambling on their hard-earned benefits, the benefits they have earned.”

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