WHAT THEY’RE READING: Blake Masters Has Never Met An Abortion Ban He Doesn’t Like

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022
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WHAT THEY’RE READING: Blake Masters Has Never Met An Abortion Ban He Doesn’t Like
PHOENIX — Last week, while Republicans across the country, including Blake Masters’ own campaign spokesperson, were calling Lindsey Graham’s newly-introduced national abortion ban “an absolute disaster,” Blake Masters was quick to endorse the plan, saying “of course” he supports the federal bill to ban abortion.

While Masters’ enthusiastic endorsement cements his place as one of the nation’s most far-right, anti-choice Republicans running for Senate, his support for the ban is hardly a surprise. For nearly a year, Masters has called abortion “demonic” and encouraged his fellow Republicans to “go on offense,” calling for a nationwide ban on abortion and federal personhood law that could jail women for seeking crucial health care.

Meanwhile, 87% of Arizonans support the right to safe and legal abortion.

See below for a roundup of coverage highlighting Masters’ unpopular position on the GOP’s proposed national abortion ban:

Arizona Republic (Op-ed): Whoa, whiplash: GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters flips again on abortion

  • Masters seems to change his view on abortion like some people change their shoes. Depends on who you’re trying to impress.
  • He started out his campaign calling for the overturning of Roe v. Wade and for passage of a federal personhood law…“It’s a religious sacrifice for these people,” he told conservative podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey last September. “I think it’s demonic.”
  • In January, he chided his Republican opponents who said the issue should be left to the states.
  • Fast forward to Tuesday, when Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed a national ban on abortion after 15 weeks…“Of course I support Lindsey Graham’s 15-week bill, and I hope it passes,” Master told the Associated Press.

Arizona Republic: Where Sen. Mark Kelly and GOP challenger Blake Masters stand on 15-week abortion bill

  • Legislation introduced this week by Sen. Lindsey Graham would ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy nationwide. The post-Supreme Court ruling bill was embraced by some Republicans, including U.S. Senate hopeful Blake Masters.
  • Since winning the primary, Masters, who once described himself as a “100% pro life” candidate and advocated for a federal personhood law, has softened his stance — and scrubbed his website — on the issue to appeal to more moderate voters across the state.

Washington Post: Republicans in muddle on abortion as ban proposed by Graham exposes rifts

  • “It’s an absolute disaster,” GOP strategist John Thomas said, as Republican Senate nominees already targeted for their comments on abortion were asked to weigh in. “Oy vey,” he said when informed that Blake Masters in battleground state Arizona had just expressed his support.
  • And even as Masters said he would “of course” support Graham’s bill, his campaign spokesman retweeted a message that appeared to channel some GOP groans over Graham’s announcement: “Why why why why why.”

AP: Abortion ban legislation adds to political challenge for GOP

  • In Arizona, Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters described abortion as “demonic” during his GOP primary, calling for a federal personhood law that would give fetuses the same rights people have after they’re born.
  • After winning the Republican nomination, Masters deleted references to his support for a personhood law from his campaign website and dropped language describing himself as “100% pro-life.”
  • “Of course, I support Lindsey Graham’s 15-week bill, and I hope it passes,” Masters said this week.


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