WATCH: Arizona Democrats Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

WATCH: Arizona Democrats Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

Today, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Director Fred Yamashita joined Arizona Democrats for a press call celebrating the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act being signed into law. Both speakers highlighted how the IRA has delivered for Arizonans by bringing down health care and energy costs, spurring a manufacturing boom, creating thousands of jobs, and making the largest climate action investment in history — despite MAGA Republicans’ attempts to block and roll back this progress.


“From health care and energy costs to thousands of new jobs, we’ve already been seeing the many ways the IRA is delivering for working families in Tucson and across the country. … Every single one of the Republicans in Congress voted against this bill, and now, in 2024, GOP presidential hopefuls are even threatening to roll back these popular, cost-cutting measures, a move that would INCREASE costs for millions of working families,” Mayor Regina Romero said. “That’s why we are celebrating this milestone … that’s why it’s critical that we remind everyone what it means to each and every Arizona family and each and every Tucsonian. They need to understand why President Biden and Vice President Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot are important to bring back so that we can finish this job.”

“The historic bill that we’re talking about today is building an economy that works for everyone — especially working families. It’s bringing down energy and health care costs. It’s creating good-paying jobs. As inflation continues to ease, hard-working families across our state are saving money on every day costs, giving them a little extra breathing room at the end of each month. That’s Bidenomics,” said Fred Yamashita, executive director of the Arizona AFL-CIO. “We will continue to work hard to support not just President Biden, but the policies his administration has rolled out in every area of the working sector, and we plan on making sure that President Biden is reelected — that we can continue his agenda for working families.” 


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