Two-Faced Lake Has No Interest In Uniting Her Party

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Sunday, August 7th,  2022

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Two-Faced Lake Has No Interest In Uniting Her Party

Kari Lake Said She’ll Unify Republicans, But Has Only Ripped Them To Shreds

PHOENIX –  Kari Lake is now the official GOP nominee for governor and she’s already putting on the “let’s all get along” act.  At her press conference last week Lake said, “I want to bring the Republican Party together.” That’ll be difficult though considering how she’s consistently attacked her own party, referred to her fellow Republicans as “lords of the swamp,” “doormats” and “RINOs.” In October 2021, Lake was asked about her then-opponent Karrin Taylor Robson and said, “I don’t want to attack the people who are running. It takes a lot to run.” But that sentiment evaporated the second the race became competitive, with Lake attacking Taylor Robson at every turn as a “Ducey-clone RINO.”

“This is rinse and repeat for Lake, who has a history of going back on her word when it comes to playing nice with her Republican peers,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Kari Lake has no interest in uniting her party and is only looking out for herself. Kari Lake is a fake, fringe candidate, too extreme and dangerous for Arizona, as many in the Republican Party have already said themselves.”

Kari Lake Said She’ll Unify Republicans, But Here’s What She’s Said About Her Own Party: 

  • Lords of the Swamp–In a tweet, Lake called Doug Ducey and Mike Pence “Lords of the Swamp” for endorsing her “globalist opponent”  Karrin Taylor Robson.
  • Kari Lake Takes A Swing at Cindy McCainDuring an online interview, Lake went on another tear against her own party, saying, “This is the Cindy McCain branch of the Republican Party. They’re not Republicans. They’re globalists. And they want, I think they want, an end to America.”
  • Doug Ducey the Doormat–On Twitter, Lake accused “RINO” Gov. Doug Ducey of supporting open borders and being a “doormat” to the Mexican drug cartels.

Here’s What Members of Her Own Party Have Said About Kari Lake:

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