Top Five Kari Lake Fanatics and Fans

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry,

Top Five Kari Lake Fanatics and Fans 


They say you can judge a person’s character by the company they keep and never has that rung more true than with Kari Lake. While Lake makes no effort to hide her extreme, out-of-touch agenda, her constant company of right-wing, fringe fanatics really drives the point home. Don’t believe us? Come take a ride in Kari Lake’s clown car of crazies. 


NUMBER ONE: Tim Foley – Armed vigilante on a mission to murder migrants 

On May 14th Kari Lake appeared at an event alongside wannabe G.I. Joe soldier Tim Foley, who, back in 2012, claimed he was planting explosives along the border in order to maim and kill migrants. Documents from the Department of Homeland Security said that “Tim stated that he has Improvised Explosive Devices deployed in the desert near Sasabe.” It went on to say that Foley bragged to the agents about having military experience as a sniper and ranger, and said his group planned to conduct “mercenary type operations” on both sides of the border. Agents let Foley go that day, but two days later federal investigators launched an all-out manhunt for him. The FBI was brought in along with a local bomb squad and bomb-sniffing dogs, but after hours of searching they were unable to locate Foley.


NUMBER TWO: Wendy Rogers – Sitting legislator on the fringe of the fringe 

The Arizona Senate Ethics Committee voted this week to move forward with an investigation into Wendy Rogers following her comments that the Buffalo grocery store shooting was a false flag operation. Rogers is an avid Kari Lake supporter, holding two events with her in the past week. When Rogers made headlines over speaking to a white nationalist group in Florida in February, Kari Lake declined to comment, even after the Arizona Senate voted to censure Rogers for her comments supporting white nationalism and calls for violence.

NUMBER THREE: Mark Finchem – Noted government traitor and insurrectionist 

It’s now known that AZ state rep. Mark Finchem not only supported the insurrection at our nation’s Capitol, but was caught actively participating in it after he lied about not being there. Finchem is also a member of an extremist, anti-government militia group called the “Oathkeepers” and in a 2017 blog post called the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville a “Deep State” operation facilitated by the media and Democrats. We could go on about Finchem’s fringe beliefs, but he too is a Kari Lake fan. He’s been at numerous events with her and the two have partnered on a court case to ban the use of electronic voting machines in Arizona. 


NUMBER FOUR: Paul Gosar – A man so awful not even his own family could love him


Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar is so vile that back in 2018 his own siblings infamously made an ad telling voters to support his Democratic opponent.  Gosar has a long history of outright racist and conspiracy-fueled remarks, and feels right at home with white supremacists. Most recently this week, Gosar was spreading the lie that the Uvalde, Texas shooting was carried out by a Transgender woman. All of this makes him the perfect supporter to Kari Lake, who repeatedly called him “the founding fathers’ ideal” of a congressman and has appeared at numerous events alongside him.


NUMBER FIVE: Ethan Schmidt – Online Instigator Targeting Arizona’s LGBTQ community 

Ethan Schmidt, a right wing provocateur who has made videos with Kari Lake, Wendy Rogers, and Paul Gosar, filmed videos of himself  saying he will “hunt LGBT supporters” in Target stores and across Phoenix in June, stating they “are not safe” and they “can’t hide.” Lake has yet to come out against this explicit threat of terrorism against Arizonans she claims she wants to represent as governor.




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