The Question Voters Need Answered by Arizona’s GOP: Why Won’t You Help?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Contact: Charlie Fisher,
The Question Voters Need Answered by Arizona’s GOP: Why Won’t You Help?

PHOENIX- Arizona Republicans have spent the past year proving time and time again that they are more interested in playing politics than helping the people they were elected to serve. While President Biden and Democrats worked tirelessly to deliver relief for the families and cities of Arizona with the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Republicans were busy playing political games. Since the passage of these historic pieces of legislation, they have tried to take the credit despite voting NO, demonstrating they are more concerned with preserving their power than helping Arizonans. For that, we think Arizona Republicans have some explaining to do.
Every Arizona Republican needs to answer for the following:

Why did you vote to oppose President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law when Arizona cities have been asking for help?

  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will invest:
    • $5.3 billion over the next 5 years to repair bridges and roads, allowing commerce to thrive,
    • $36 million to improve public transportation, making it easier for Arizona workers to get around,
    • $348 million in development for Arizona’s airports, signaling our commitment to make the state a central hub for business and travel.

Do you regret your vote against the American Rescue Plan?

  • The plan that:
    • Created 120,400 jobs in Arizona and kept thousands of businesses open;
    • Dropped the unemployment rate from 6.7% in January to 4.7% in November 2021;
    • Delivered $8.7 billion in direct relief to Arizonans;
    • Addressed the child poverty rate by providing monthly payments to Arizona families adding up to $2.1 billion;
    • Reduced health insurance costs;
    • Funded $2.6 billion in relief to Arizona’s K-12 public schools to keep schools open and address learning loss

Republicans MUST show Arizonans that they are committed to problem solving by putting forward actual proposals, instead of shooting down anything that has the name Biden attached to it.
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