Statement from Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran as Polls Close In Arizona

For Immediate Release
Tues, Nov. 8th, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry,


Statement from Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran as Polls Close In Arizona

PHOENIX– Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran released the following statement as polls close across Arizona.


“Polls are officially closed in Arizona and now begins our long wait as we let Democracy get to work. I first want to express my gratitude to our poll workers and elections officials who will not be deterred by threats as they begin the long process of counting every vote, no matter how many hours or days it takes. Let me be clear, Arizona elections are safe and secure and every vote will be counted regardless of how long it takes. Democracy can not be rushed or compromised and I have the utmost faith in our elections and our elections officials to uphold the will of the people. Democracy is determined by voters, not by cowards who hide their faces as they threaten Arizonans for exercising their constitutional right to vote.  We may see candidates on the other side attempt to prematurely claim victory and spread more lies and conspiracy theories. I urge everyone to ignore them. We must be patient and trust the process. Politicians don’t decide our elections, the voters do. Our Democracy is strong in Arizona. Si Se Puede.”



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