Slippin’ and Slidin’: Lake Losing Traction in Latest GOP Primary Poll

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June 8th, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry|


Slippin’ and Slidin’
Lake Losing Traction in Latest GOP Primary Poll


PHOENIX– With two months left to go until Arizona’s primary election, Kari Lake is grasping onto a narrow lead in a new poll released today by OH Predictive Insights. The poll of likely Republican voters puts Lake at 23% to Taylor Robson’s 21%. Even Matt Salmon made gains  at 14%, up from 11% in the previous poll. Naturally, Lake is living in denial, telling KTAR her internal polling has her comfortably leading. 


It’s critical to note that the poll has 38% still undecided on who they’ll vote for in this chaotic primary. But early ballots for the primary election will start appearing in mailboxes in a few weeks, likely pressuring Lake to keep up her strategy of saying and tweeting the most obscene and extreme things to keep her news cycle flowing and bump up her dwindling numbers. 


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