Senate Showdown: #AZSen Primary Candidates Spent the Week Fighting Each Other, Ignoring Arizonans

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Saturday, February 19, 2022
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Senate Showdown: #AZSen Primary Candidates Spent the Week Fighting Each Other, Ignoring Arizonans 


PHOENIX — Happy Saturday, and welcome to the ‘Senate Showdown’ — a weekly roundup of the latest news in Arizona’s “crowded,” “costly,” and “chaotic” GOP Senate primary. 

With “no clear frontrunner,” these amateur candidates will be busy duking it out well into the summer, ahead of Arizona’s August primary date. Until then, the Arizona Democratic Party’s ‘Showdown’ is here to help you keep track of this race’s breaking news, cringiest Tweets, and nastiest doses of infighting.

Here’s what you missed this week:

CROSSING THE LINE: In a rare sign of unity, the field came together to hit Jim Lamon for his latest political stunt of a campaign ad with Masters calling the spot “absurd and desperate” and McGuire calling it a reflection of Lamon’s “poor judgment.

SICK BRN(O): At a recent campaign event, Lamon dedicated a speech towards attacking primary opponent Mark Brnovich, slamming him for “sitting on what we sent to him on the audit” and mocking him for doing “the Fox thing about once a week.”

HOT TAKE: In a very on-brand display of elitism, Silicon Valley tech bro Blake Masters came out against legislation that would save Arizonans 18 cents per gallon of gas as they struggle with rising costs. 

DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION: Clearly unsatisfied with the underwhelming (read: nonexistent) media attention he’s getting on this side of the globe, Justin Olson went on a Russia-funded video show to talk about…Canadian politics. 

JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY: Jim Lamon attacked Masters for his reliance on the “deep pockets” of his tech bro boss “Uncle Peter Thiel.” Because apparently, Jim thinks he’s so much better, personally pledging $50 million to his campaign and only raising $550k from actual people.

MEGA MAGA ENERGY: Trump weighed in yet again, reminding Ducey that “MAGA will never accept” him and reiterating to our primary candidates that he’s willing to attack anyone who doesn’t fall in line with his lies about an election that ended nearly two years ago.



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