ROUND UP: Abe Hamadeh Launches Campaign By Embracing MAGA Extremists

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, October 25th, 2023
Contact: Victoria Opperman,

ROUND UP: Abe Hamadeh Launches Campaign By Embracing MAGA Extremists 

ARIZONA- This weekend, Abe Hamadeh, GOP Primary candidate for AZ-08, announced a string of endorsements from far-right MAGA Extremists in the legislature and Trump allies that aided the January 6th insurrection.

“Abe Hamadeh’s endorsements from over a dozen MAGA Extremists speaks for itself,” said Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, Morgan Dick. “Abe continues to embrace MAGA losers and extremists because he is one. Arizonans rejected Abe’s extremism when he ran for Attorney General and will reject him again in 2024.”

Abe’s Extreme Endorsers: 

  • Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers, who has received national attention for promoting election conspiracies and parroting white supremacist talking points.
  • Arizona State Sen. Justine Wadsack, who was nearly recalled for her extremist stances, including support for QAnon and denial of election results.
  • Arizona State Sen. Sonny Borelli, who unsuccessfully sued to overturn Katie Hobbs’ victory in the 2022 Election.
  • Arizona State Sen. Janae Shamp, who proudly displayed a flag linked to the Christian Nationalist movement on the Arizona Senate floor.
  • Former state GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, who was subpoenaed by the Department of Justice for her role in trying to overturn the 2020 election. She pleaded the Fifth repeatedly during questioning.
  • Arizona State Reps. Alex Kolodin and Cory McGarr, who failed to answer clearly if Joe Biden won the 2020 election and backed legislation to ban electronic ballot tabulators in favor of hand counts.
  • Rep. Rachel Jones, who falsely claimed that 42% of ballots from the 2022 Election were not counted.
  • Former Nevada AG Adam Laxalt, who ran for the Senate in ‘22 and lost, tried to overturn Biden’s win in Nevada in 2020 and continuously claimed the election was “rigged.”
  • Former Director of the United States National Intelligence Ric Grenell, who said the worst part of the January 6th insurrection was Donald Trump getting banned from Twitter.
  • Former Trump staffer Kash Patel, who created a charity to pay the legal bills of insurrectionists on January 6th.
  • Former Commissioner of the NYPD Bernard Kerik, who received a pardon from President Trump after being convicted on several felony charges, including tax fraud and lying to White House officials. Kerick also pitched a plan to the Trump Administration to overturn the election.


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