ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: “We’re Going To Continue With Our Cases”

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2023
Contact: Olivia Taylor-Puckett,


ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: “We’re Going To Continue With Our Cases”   


ARIZONA -– The eleventh episode of Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas highlights Lake’s adamant belief in election conspiracy theories and refusal to recognize that she did, in fact, lose her gubernatorial election. 

This Lake Tape comes as a judge decided this morning that a defamation case filed by the Republican Maricopa County Recorder Richer against Lake will proceed. Lake has made false claims that Richer and other Maricopa County officials sabotaged her election, which have been thrown out in Arizona trial, appeals, and state Supreme Court during her election challenge cases.

Let’s hit play on Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas… 


Kari Lake: “I mean, we’re going to continue with our cases, we we’ve had a little, some tiny victories here and there, more people are awake. A lot of this is, is victories in the, in the court of public opinion. I mean, right? People are more awake to what happened. In 2020, many of us knew something was wrong. And we dug into it, we found out what happened. And we’ve been trying to tell people what happened and they really didn’t want to listen. And then it happened in ‘22 with our case and with our election.”

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