ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: “Put Cameras In The Classrooms”

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

ARIZONA -– This week marks the two year anniversary of GOP nightmare Senate candidate Kari Lake proposing that students and teachers should be surveilled by putting cameras in classrooms. 

Lake’s proposal was called a “digital paradise for predators.”

Roll The Lake Tapes… 

Kari Lake on Surveilling Schools: “And I want to see these same types of accountability measures in schools. Put cameras in the classroom […]And this is why I talked about putting cameras in classrooms […] If they’re not teaching this stuff, that’s weird and crazy, then put the cameras in there and show it.” 

Here’s what has been said about Kari’s plan to put cameras in classrooms:

  • Arizona Republic: More opposition to classroom cameras: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he wouldn’t support proposal
  • Capitol Media Services: “Gov. Doug Ducey criticized gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s proposal to put cameras into classrooms Tuesday, saying it could lead to predators monitoring children.”
  • Today’s News Herald: “But Lake’s plan is a bad one. Never mind for a moment that it presents a logistical nightmare. It’s simply not likely to solve anything…”

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