ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Nightmare on Lake Street

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Tuesday, October 31st, 2023
Contact: Olivia Taylor-Puckett,
ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Nightmare on Lake Street

“This Election Season, She’s Back”

ARIZONA -– The Halloween special edition of The Lake Tapes, “Nightmare on Lake Street,” is a preview of Kari Lake’s total nightmare campaign for Senate.

For a second election cycle in a row, Arizona’s “Grande Dame of Dumpster Fire Politics,” returns to spread conspiracy theories and dangerous policies.

Roll The Lake Tapes…

Kari Lake’s Nightmare Takes : “All that January 6th was, was a staged riot to cover up the fact that they certified a fraudulent election […] It was a debacle, it was stolen, it was corrupt, and rotten to the core. The election of 2020 was stolen from us […] I want to perp walks just like Wendy does. I would love to see people in handcuffs. And I want a long perp walk, that we can all watch them walk […] I hope someday they wake up to what lies they’ve been fed about abortion. It is not, it is not health care. It is the killing, it is the sacrifice, it is the execution of a baby in the mother’s womb […] It’s not a choice that somebody gets to make to take that life. That’s not a medical choice […] And this is why I talked about putting cameras in classrooms […] If they’re not teaching this stuff that’s weird and crazy then put the cameras in there and show it […] We know that God did not create us to be equal to men. He didn’t create us to do what the guys do.”

Reviews have poured in:

  • Washington Republicans are “freaking out.” — New York Times
  •  “‘I don’t think she has any prospect of actually being elected,’ […] ‘The people of Arizona are smarter than that.’” — Senator Mitt Romney to Politico
  • I’m so sick and tired of Kari Lake’s whining,” […] “I actually voted for her, but I will never vote for Lake again.”— Longtime registered Republican Nathan Richman of Phoenix to Northeast Valley News
  • “…There’s two plus years of record that’s going to come back at her in TV ads and what not from everything she said during the last cycle, including telling McCain Republicans like myself to get the hell out. So that’s gonna be, look, you can’t just snap your fingers and disappear it.” — Matt Benson, Republican Consultant, on 12 News Sunday Square Off
  • No one is better than Kari Lake at alienating Republicans. No one is better than Kari Lake at alienating a large number of independent voters […] Kari Lake can’t win a general election. She’s kryptonite to general elections. She’s a joke. So, I mean, guess if you want to vote for her. Go ahead. I just thought Republicans wanted to win this time around.”—  The Gaydos and Chad Show’s Larry Gaydos
  • Way-too-early polling shows moderate Republicans h-a-a-a-a-a-t-e this woman…” — Tucson Sentinel’s Blake Morlock
  • Kari is an intellectual nit-wit.”— Arizona Republican to Daily Beast
  • “This is a bit of a mea culpa column for me, as I was a big fan of Lake’s last year. When I look at her now, I can hardly see her for all of the red flags she’s covered in. Honestly, I can’t remember ever souring on a politician this quickly after having been such a strong supporter. That’s obviously because I read everything wrong last year. I take full responsibility for having gotten caught up in the moment when I was way past being old enough to know better.”— Stephen Kruiser for PJ Media

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