ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Lake’s Election Denialism Obsession Continues

February 27th, 2024

ARIZONA -– Last week, during a disastrous interview, Kari Lake lied and said she did not proactively bring up election conspiracy theories – a claim which is proven false by an interview she did the very next day.

Today’s episode rolls the tape on interviews conducted with Lake after she made that claim, all of which include pushing unfounded conspiracy theories about election fraud, which “she just can’t help herself” but “latch on to,” according to an Arizona Republican consultant this weekend.
Let’s rewind the tape…

Kari Lake: “And, you know, one of the complaints is, oh she never – she only looks backwards, she never talks about the future. She only wants to talk about the elections and the stolen elections. You brought it up. You have brought it up.”


Kari Lake on February 20th, 2024:  “That was a fun day visiting with President Trump at Mar a Lago. And he knows all about election integrity, as do I. And you know, more and more people Seb, are waking up to the fact that our elections are not perfect. Like we were told they were… I’m hoping that they will, with the new leadership acknowledge that we have not just election issues and poorly managed elections, but there’s election fraud as well, you have to just face the facts here.”

Kari Lake on February 21st, 2024: “We’re at the epicenter of a lot of corruption, whether it be election corruption… But the State AG isn’t even duly elected here in Arizona. So we are in a post justice world. I don’t know how we get justice for the wrongs that are being done.”

Kari Lake on February 21st, 2024: “We’ve had more than that stolen in Arizona as you know, 2020 was a mess. 2022 was a debacle right out in front of our eyes. It was, it was nabbed from us right in front of our eyes.”

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