ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: “Anyone Who Thinks Joe Biden Won […] Does Not Have A Grip On Reality”

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

ARIZONA -– The twelfth episode of Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas highlights a November interview in which Lake says, “Yes, I agree with Steve Bannon, anyone who thinks Joe Biden won 81 million votes does not have a grip on reality.”

This final episode of Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas demonstrates both Lake’s continued animosity towards anyone who doesn’t believe in her election conspiracy theories and her own deviation from the truth even as she claims it’s others who “don’t have a grip on reality.”

Lake’s false claims have been thrown out in Arizona trial, appeals, and state Supreme Court, and her animosity and divisiveness is causing her campaign to struggle with Arizona voters.

Let’s hit play on Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas…

JOHN HEILEMANN: “You’re not answering my question. Do you, do you think that anybody in the Republican Party–”
STEVE BANNON: “Don’t lie, not in the Republican- I said to elected office you can be part of the movement.”
KARI LAKE: “Thank you. We’ve got a fact checker over there.”
JOHN HEILEMANN: “I think Steve, you actually said anybody who’s welcome in the MAGA movement who doesn’t believe Donald Trump?”
KARI LAKE: “You know what? Listen. Listen. Is it John, Jay or John?”
JOHN HEILEMANN: “It’s John and I would just like to know-”
KARI LAKE:  “John.”
JOHN HEILEMANN: “I just would like to know whether you believe, whether you think that’s the case or not?”
KARI LAKE: “I like people who have a grip on reality. And anybody with a grip, do you know that Joe Biden ran for president like a million times–”
JOHN HEILEMANN: “You’re not gonna answer the question are you?”
KARI LAKE: “Yes, I agree with Steve Bannon. Anyone who thinks Joe Biden won 81 million votes does not have a grip on reality.”

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