ROLL THE LAKE TAPES: Abortion Is “Not A Medical Choice”

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

ARIZONA -– The seventh installment of The Lake Tapes spotlights Kari Lake’s dangerous belief that abortion is not a “medical choice.”

Not only does Lake believe that abortion is not a “medical choice,” she also believes that it is an “execution,” “murder,” and “almost a genocide.” Lake was “thrilled” about Arizona’s territorial ban without exceptions for rape and incest and would jail doctors for performing abortions.

And just this week Lake praised Senator Tommy Tuberville’s efforts to restrict abortion by risking national security and blockading military nominations.

Roll The Lake Tapes…

Kari Lake on Abortion: “Each and every one of us deserves life. And it’s not a choice that somebody gets to make to take that life. That’s not a medical choice.”

Here’s a reminder of where Kari Lake stands on abortion, in her own words: 

  • Lake said she was “incredibly thrilled” by Arizona’s territorial abortion ban, which did not include rape or incest exceptions and would jail doctors for performing abortions, calling it a “great law.”
  • Lake has called abortion “murder” and almost a genocide.
  • Before Roe v. Wade was overturned. Lake said, “I joined Congressman Gosar in praying for God’s guidance to the Supreme Court and an end to this national disgrace created under Roe v Wade.”
  • When asked about the Texas abortion ban, an extreme law that allows for abortion “bounty hunters,” Lake said, “I will sign that in a heartbeat.”
  • Lake said, “I believe in the Heartbeat Bill that Texas passed and this law in Texas […] I would sign it.
  • Lake said, abortion is “not a choice that somebody gets to make […] That’s not a medical choice.” 
  • Lake said “abortion is the ultimate sin” that it is an execution.”
  • Lake said “I would very much support banning those types of abortion pills,” in reference to medical abortions, which have been proven safe.
  • Lake said, I am pro-life 100%.”
  • Lake said, I am pro-life 100%.”
  • Lake said, I’m 100% pro-life and I’d like to see, I’d like to see no abortions…
  • Lake said, I am pro-life and I am 100% pro-life.

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