Republican Supt Candidates Prove They Should Not Be Setting an Example for Arizona’s Children

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,

Republican Superintendent Candidates Take Debate Stage and Prove They Should Not Be Setting an Example for Arizona’s Children


Phoenix – Last night, Arizona Republican candidates for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction took to the debate stage to attack teachers and criticize parents, rather than promote ideas that provide every Arizona child with an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in a public school.  


Shiry Sapir spent nearly all her time repeating her favorite sound-bite of “school choice” – with no context on how school choice policies are solutions to actual problems. Sapir stooped so low as to call parents of the 91% of Arizona families who choose public schools “uneducated”. 


Current Chair of the House Education Committee, Michelle Udall is seemingly more interested in bullying transgender kids than she is running her campaign – as of today, Udall has still not filed her required campaign finance report.  This legislative leader is sitting on a historic $5.3 billion dollar surplus and doing absolutely nothing to ensure those funds will be used to address our crippling teacher shortage, support student mental health, or even ensure rural schools and students can succeed in the 21st century by bridging the digital divide. 


Finally, like many Arizonans, we’re surprised that former Attorney General and scandal-ridden Tom Horne is still seeking to be the state’s top education official. Horne was laser-focused on driving a disturbing wedge between parents and teachers, and reminiscing on his abhorrent support of “English only” instruction. Horne’s ideas are about as outdated as he is and Arizonans will see right through his grift, again. 


“The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is vital to the success of Arizona’s public schools and the over 1 million children they serve. Each of these candidates has already proven they aren’t up for the job,” said ADP spokesperson, Morgan Dick. “We need a leader who is committed to bringing people together, not driving them apart. We need a Superintendent who is willing to have tough conversations about the realities of the world we live in, not shy away from hard truths about our nation’s history. We need a Superintendent committed to lifting up our public schools, not tearing them down.” 



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