Republican Rampage on Roe: Brnovich Edition

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

Republican Rampage on Roe: Brnovich Edition 

PHOENIX — This week, we’re breaking down the Arizona GOP Senate primary candidates’ war on Roe v. Wade and outlining exactly how out of touch each of these candidates are when it comes to Arizonans’ access to reproductive care. First up on the docket: nunchuck enthusiast and Arizona’s ethically-troubled AG, Mark Brnovich.

Brnovich, a self-described “defender of freedom,”  is a longtime opponent of reproductive rights and has shamelessly used his power and position to push his personal anti-choice agenda — which runs counter to the preferences of most Arizonans— to restrict the constitutional rights of Arizonans. In just the last five years, Brnovich has:

  • Defended an anti-choice activist who used an illegally-obtained video to push “outrageous claims” on reproductive health care that were “flat-out untrue.”
  • Signed onto a legal brief urging the Supreme Court to “overrule Roe and Casey” — the two foundational legal precedents that affirmed individual reproductive rights in this country nearly five decades ago.
  • Asked a judge to ignore precedent and enforce an abortion ban found to place an “undue burden on the rights of women” because, according to Brnovich, Arizona has a “compelling interest” to rip away individual freedoms and prosecute doctors who provide reproductive care.
  • Remained noticeably silent on the newly-introduced and highly restrictive abortion bill in the Arizona State House that, modeled after the 2021 Texas law, would ban the procedure as early as 6 weeks.

“Time and again, Brnovich has used his position in the Attorney General’s office to push his extremist personal positions on reproductive rights, all while ignoring decades of legal precedent and the will of Arizonans,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss. “If Brnovich manages to survive the brutal, chaotic GOP primary, he’ll be running to bring his dangerous anti-choice agenda with him to Washington.”

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