REMINDER: Kari Lake Would Repeal The ACA, Cut Over One Million Arizonans’ Health Care

Monday, March 25th, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Following the fourteenth anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act and amidst record high enrollment, Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake would repeal the ACA and risk the health care coverage of over one million Arizonans. 

Kari Lake supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, saying just days after launching her campaign for U.S. Senate:

  • “So we had an opportunity under President Trump when he first got in to repeal Obamacare and find a better alternative. And unfortunately, at the time, there were too many people secretly working against President Trump at that time…”

Lake used her support for repealing the ACA to attack John McCain, saying: 

  • McCain “promised the voters of Arizona for a decade that he would get rid of Obamacare. And when he had the chance and it fell solely on his shoulders, he showed up and gave the thumbs down. […] so we can debate who John McCain is and what he was about. And his family says you’re attacking us. No, we’re talking about your father’s record […] They’re attacking me left and right. He was in politics for 40 years. He only showed up, six months. Every six years. He showed up to try to get the vote. And then he abandoned us and is fair game to talk about. And the family better get some thick skin and tough skin...”

Lake also called for repealing the Affordable Care Act in her gubernatorial campaign:

  • “We need a red wave, and we need to overturn Obamacare and come up with something better. They were going to do that, remember? And one of our old Arizona senators went in late at night and gave the old thumbs down. We’ll never forget that.

Kari Lake’s push to repeal the ACA would rip health care coverage away from 1,145,000 Arizonans with preexisting conditions

Read more: 

  • MSNBC: GOP’s Kari Lake takes a chance, pushes Affordable Care Act repeal: “And yet, there was Lake this week, insisting on scrapping the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with “something better.” What might that be?”
  • Huffington Post: Kari Lake Calls For Repealing Obamacare: “Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake called for repealing the Affordable Care Act at a campaign event on Monday, bringing up an issue all but forgotten by her Republican Party. ‘We need a red wave, and we need to overturn Obamacare and come up with something better,’ Lake said at a campaign event in Scottsdale. Her comments drew no audible reaction from the crowd.”

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