REMINDER: Kari Lake “Absolutely Opposed” to Bipartisan Border Security Legislation

February 29, 2024

ARIZONA -– Kari Lake claimed during a press conference today that addressing immigration and border policy is a top priority – but her record shows otherwise. Lake is “absolutely opposed” to the bipartisan border agreement despite the legislation having been the “first major bipartisan overhaul of the nation’s immigration system since the 1990’s.”

“Today Kari Lake once again put politics ahead of Arizonans. Lake is ‘absolutely opposed’ to the bipartisan border agreement. Kari doesn’t want solutions for Arizonans, she wants sound bites for herself,” said Olivia Taylor-Puckett, Senior Communications Advisor at the Arizona Democratic Party.

Read more:

  • The Hill: Kari Lake slams Senate border deal as ‘complete joke’
  • KJZZ: Lake said, “So I don’t think it’s necessary.”
  • Arizona Republic: Lake, the front runner for the Republican nomination, has said multiple times including Wednesday that she wants people who came during the “Bidenvasion” to be sent “back to their homeland.” Asked to clarify whether that applies to Dreamers, Lake sidestepped the matter.
  • Arizona Republic Opinion: Now, suddenly, there’s a bipartisan plan to begin to fix, finally, the chaos on Arizona’s doorstep and she is throwing an absolute tantrum.

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